A sum of the best methods

Applying our educational project in the classroom is a sum of different methods that have evolved along with the school, the world of education, and society. Furthermore, the current management team is open and receptive to other international models of education and, above all, to the Culture of Thinking being the logical evolution of our roadmap.

Our school’s method is constructivist and experience-based, and places students at the centre of the learning process to ensure they take part fully. What is more, because this school has a unique stance, we are able to consider the skills and abilities of each individual student and fit in with the different profiles, rhythms, interests and concerns.

We also offer the option of shared tutoring, which encourages three-way meetings with the family, the student, and the teacher involved. These meetings are highly valued due to their complicity and proximity, creating the feeling of being part of a team. They are used along with the more traditional interviews with the student’s tutor, who remain accessible to families at all times.

We encourage the desire to continue learning

Developing the potential of the student in this manner starts at Pre-school stage, using programmes that stimulate the different types of intelligence and the desire to learn.

We believe this results in an adaptation and combination of the best methodological strategies currently available, which include cooperative work, collaborative work, project-based work, Inspira, EMAT, Ludilletres, chess, robotics and programming, physical education, and healthy habits, etc.

There is an atmosphere of serenity and friendliness in our school that further encourages a type of comprehensive education that ensures students are trained to become people with resources, confidence, self-assurance, independence, sensitivity, imagination, resilience, empathy, creativity, respect for the environment, solidarity, generosity, and good emotional management.

There is always a happy atmosphere and an ongoing desire to celebrate together, as can be seen on the highlighted dates in our calendar, such as Tree Day in the spring, the Harvest Festival, the Live Nativity Scene, and Sports Day.