More than 50 years of teaching

Santa María del Pino is a private school in Maresme with the longest tradition yet the brightest future.  It also has another dualism: it is a small school in a large space, and we have always prioritised taking a unique stance to treat each student as he or she deserves to be treated, with motivation and constant assistance, and in permanent contact with nature.

The school is located near the centre of Alella yet away from traffic and noise, in what might be considered a quiet valley set among mountains, forest and vineyards, caressed by the sea breeze. In this green setting, reminiscent of the location of some of the most famous schools in northern Europe and the United States, students grow and learn healthily, aware, and happily.

The school is housed in three buildings, one for each stage -nursery, primary and secondary-, surrounded by landscaped playgrounds, sport courts, a playground with slides and play huts, vegetable gardens, and an old vineyard that ties us to the land of Alella and its geographic identity.  We also have the surrounding mountain and forests, which we often turn into classrooms and labs in which to explore new knowledge.

The background of Santa María del Pino speaks for itself, with good academic results achieved year after year and the value-based education that defines us. Both are conveyed by our teaching staff with great professionalism and compassion. A united, solid team that is constantly learning new methods and resources based on the latest research into Neuroscience, and that introduces the best technologies into the classroom.

The solid base offered by the school is designed based on the experience and methods we have incorporated, such as the current Culture of Thought, which focuses on meaningful, ongoing learning. Offering academic training and top quality staff has remained the mission of our school since it was founded by Isabel Brinques and Soledad Auger in 1965.

Fifty years later in 2015, they passed the baton on to Jordi Casas, thanks to his well-established career at the Pérez Iborra school in Barcelona, since which time Francesc Serra has been the headmaster at Santa María del Pino. The fact that both schools have the same general management and a similar essence and characteristics means that they share a project, synergies and a bond as twinned schools that influence each other yet progress hand in hand, one in the city centre and the other in the heart of nature.

Find out about our educational programme, based on our background, the best methods, and the Culture of Thought