A singular opportunity, two times its worth

The American High School Diploma opens a new door to the future for our students thanks to the double qualification. Those participating in this programme will receive the same qualification as students in the United States when finishing high school, recognised in all the states and all universities around the world.

This official programme has been developed by Academica, an institution of recognised prestige and the largest in the United States with regard to educational management, which the school’s management team were able to confirm during a visit to their headquarters in Miami. There they had meetings with the company’s managers and visited some of the top performing colleges in order to obtain full assurances.

This is an international programme that is run parallelly in other countries, such as China, Russia, Korea, and France, etc. and which all started in Florida, one of the groundbreaking states in the US in terms of educational innovation.

This programme can be started in the 2nd year of secondary school, which is five years prior to university, so that students only take one or two subjects per year. This means that they can combine it more easily with their studies, despite the fact that it is designed to be fully compatible and can also be started later on.

As well as the results of the dual diploma, students are immersed fully into the language and this undoubtedly improves their level of English exponentially, to the point where it is no longer an impediment in their future development.

An online, technological environment in English

Entering the dual diploma programme does not interfere with school studies, as it is designed to be entirely feasible and compatible. A teacher from our school is responsible for coordinating and supervising the entire programme, and for the evolution of each student taking part. Our commitment to the American Dual Diploma of our students goes beyond the school, as we continue to support them doing an academic follow-up while studying high school at another school.

Academica has developed its own on-line platform and a chat, coaching and mentoring system with North American teachers. Students communicate with them regularly on line during the office hours they have been assigned each week. These meetings are individual and, in addition to the compulsory meetings, voluntary sessions can be held to improve scores, as this programme is also designed to instil the idea of redoing things, self-demand, and the desire to improve.

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