A music school inside school

Because we like music and because we are aware of the number of benefits that learning to play an instrument has on an emotional, cognitive and neuroprocessing level, we have created our own music school . Musicàlia is headed by the teacher who shares his love for music and his knowledge of instruments with students from primary to secondary school age. And the answer is always so positive that we want to go further and offer them a more complete education in out-of-school hours.

Musicàlia also gives us the change to include music more fully into our educational project, as they are both supported by Neuroscience and, therefore, complement each other.  It also enables us to offer this way of experiencing music to students from other schools and adults from outside school. They can even choose for their musical studies to be officially monitored by the the Royal School of Music (ABRSM), with specialist teachers for each instrument and subject.

Our team of musicians and teachers has extensive experience and are used to working with children and youngsters.  This means they know how to make learning an instrument enjoyable and how to motivate students by ensuring their participation in musical performances throughout the year.

  • Instruments: piano, violin, electric and classic guitar, drums and bass.
  • Instrumental ensembles: orchestra and combos.
  • Chorale
  • Musical language
  • Awareness (Children)

Age: from the age of 3

Timetable: Monday to Friday, 13.00 to 15.00h. and 17.00to 19.30h.