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    The school is available for visits during class hours so that you can see how it actually runs.

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      We are an entirely private school and, therefore, enrolment does not depend on pre-enrolment, scores or lotteries, etc. Families wishing to enrol their child for the school may do so at any time of the year, provided there are places available for the year requested.

      If not, the student can be put on the waiting list, and the school would communicate the availability for enrolment in the event of a vacancy. The order followed when assigning a place to students on the waiting list is strictly chronological as of the time of registration.

      What is required before enrolling?

      Families seeking a place should first request an individual visit to find out about the educational project, see how the school runs on an everyday basis, and ask for an interview with the Management for information on school operations.

      What is needed to enrol?

      You should request the enrolment documents, fill them in, send them to the school and pay the enrolment fee (€350), which only applies to enrolment for the first year and not successive years.

      For more information, fill out this registration form and we will arrange an interview.


        The school is very well connected with Barcelona and Mataró (C-32 motorway) and with all towns in the Maresme area (C-32 motorway and N-II road). The distances to different points of Barcelona and the Maresme area are shown below. We have selected specific points that everyone knows so that you can estimate the distance from your home to the school if you do not require the school transport service offered by the school.

        The distances indicated with an asterisk (*) include sections on the motorway.

        Distance from school:

        Barcelona (Plaça Catalunya):19,4 km*
        Barcelona (Plaça de les Glòries):16,9 km*
        Barcelona (Port olímpic):19 km*
        Barcelona (Centre Comercial Diagonal Mar):15,6 km*
        Montgat (Estació Montgat nord):5,8 km*
        El Masnou (Estació d’Ocata):4,7 km
        Premià de Mar (Estació Premià de Mar):7,7 km
        Premià de Mar (Estació Premià de Mar):11,5 km*
        Premià de Dalt (Plaça de la Fàbrica):11,6 km*
        Vilassar de Mar (Estació Cabrera-Vilassar de Mar):12,2 km*
        Vilassar de Mar (Estació Cabrera-Vilassar de Mar):13,4 km*
        Vilassar de Dalt (Ajuntament de Vilassar de Dalt):11,4 km*
        Cabrils (Hostal de la Plaça):12,1 km*
        Cabrera de Mar (Ajuntament de Cabrera de Mar):12,8 km*
        Mataró (Estació de Mataró):16,7 km
        Mataró (Estació de Mataró):15,5 km*
        Argentona (Ajuntament d’Argentona):18,1 km*
        Sant Andreu de Llavaneres (Estació de Sant Andreu de Llavaneres):24 km*